Manage & engage new and existing property buyers

Now you can easily manage new and existing property buyers and potential leads very easily by following up and tracking their activities on multiple platforms.

Segregate your leads as their differential characteristics

Analyze the property preferences of the potential buyers and segregate them considering all the characteristics related to the buyer’s nature, budget line, and other factors as well.

Get the interested customers’ profile details from various platforms

You can also view and obtain every user’s profile details from various platforms and then, thereafter analyze their key interests and then extend the reach.

Pre-set responses to be given on the basis of the type of lead inquiry

We let you set the pre-set responses for the existing customers and potential leads considering the type of inquiry they do regarding property interests. This will make your customer interaction quick and will retain the potential lead as well.

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Go with Real Estate Marketing Automation and captivate the buyers

Try the most effective real estate marketing automation software & start engaging the potential leads and induce them to become the actual customers.

Real estate is considered one of the most preferred investment ventures, and people are often looking for the latest and best buying offers. Thus, Cronberry serves as an emerging real estate marketing automation platform wherein you can send regular property updates and latest offers to your target leads thus, converting them from potential leads to real customers. We also provide marketing automation for real estate agents as well. Secondly, you can also capture property inquiries from various marketing campaigns, social media, and inquiry forms. We also enable you to segregate the leads as per their property preferences, location, and budget line. Also, you can immediately follow up as any inquiry from potential leads pops in. This way, it will enhance your customer retention and will bring more real conversions.