TradeIndia Leads

Boost the number of qualified leads

By capturing the potential leads’ data you get through TradeIndia, you can enhance the engagement of both the potential and the existing leads, thereby boosting the overall number of qualified leads.

Extract leads’ data from TradeIndia marketplace

By integrating our marketing automation software, you can easily extract the potential leads’ profile information from TradeIndia and accordingly induce the target users’ involvement by sending them regular automated notifications.

Captivate target users’ interest by sending them regular updates

You can also segregate the leads’ category as per their interests and demographic information collected from the Tradeindia marketplace, and therefore, send regular updates accordingly.

Keep track of the leads’ activity and data analytics

Our automation tool lets you keep track of the potential and existing leads’ activity so that it becomes easier for you to see which marketing strategy is appropriate to fetch more leads and what changes are needed to add on to bring positive results.

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Tradeindia Integration Automation

Get all the leads right away with TradeIndia Integration Automation

Keep going and never miss any leads coming from the popular marketplace by going for our Tradeindia API Integration Automation on the go.

For promoting your business, marketing is considered a very vital function. With Cronberry marketing automation software, you can plan your marketing strategy and track all the potential leads at a single place with Cronberry Tradeindia leads integration tool. This will effectively reduce the marketing efforts letting the marketing team focus more on other important tasks. There are numerous marketing automation tools available in the market, but what we offer is the finest of all. Thus, we emerge as an ideal marketing automation platform to understand all the business needs and functionality in detail, helping the end-users make it easy. Our business automation tool helps the clients fetch all the potential and existing leads that come up from the TradeIndia marketplace and thereby provide the best automation tool for advertising and marketing.