Ignite the number of qualified leads

By capturing the leads’ data, you can enhance their engagement of both the potential as well the existing leads, thereby boosting the overall number of qualified leads.

Extract leads’ data from social media platforms

By integrating our marketing software, you can easily extract the leads’ profile information from various platforms and channels and accordingly induce their involvement by sending them regular automated notifications.

Captivate leads’ interest by sending them regular updates

You can also segregate the leads’ category as per their interests and demographic information collected from various platforms like Facebook Ads, websites, application, and google forms, and therefore, send them regular updates accordingly.

Keep track of the lead behavior and data analytics

Our automation tool lets you keep track of the potential and existing leads’ activity so that it becomes easier for you to see which channel is appropriate to fetch more leads and see which channel needs more efforts to bring positive results.

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Android App Integration Services

Integrate your business with our Android App Integration Services

Bring more productivity to your business with Cronberry web integration services at the best market price and get every lead alert right away.

Business goes well when a complete go-to-go analysis is done, and strategies are prepared to retain the existing customers and convert the potential customers into real ones. So, to bring this perfection into your business, we have designed a unique business tool to make the lead management process easy and let you never miss any lead that shows interest in your business’s products and services. Our android app integration tool lets you enable the notifications whenever a new lead arrives and, therefore, lets you retain the lead and convert it into a real customer. Be it the service, or the quality and pricing; everything is perfect; you just need to contact us, and we’re on your service to give you the best marketing automation experience.