Worknrby Increased Job Seekers upto
20% using Cronberry

Worknrby is an online job portal that helps every ​employer​ in Jaipur with the facility to get in touch with every available job seeker. We made hiring procedure so easy by bringing the best candidates nearby with the relevant ​job experience​ and skills.

Initial Challenges:

Searching for marketing automation software

Our team got engaged in finding out such software on which we can manage all our tasks properly and then we came to know about the most efficient customer engagement tool Cronberry which made our all tasks easier in a minimum timeframe.

Reduced Lead Leakage

Using Cronberry, we have saved our leads from leakage and achieved more conversion rate.

Automated Follow ups

Cronberry maintained relationship with our job seekers and employers by sending automated follow ups.

Real time reporting

In report section, we are able to see detailed profile of any job seeker and status of each campaign.

Retain customers

In case of engaging with new leads, we forget about our old job seekers who didn’t get job so by using cronberry, we are in touch with them for maintaining good relationships.

Many job seekers usually returns back from our home page so we have retained them by sending push notifications through Cronberry.

I​ncreased conversion rate

We have converted our lost visitors into job seekers so that they can get job by our portal.

"Cronberry really helped us for personalise communication with each job seeker and employer group. The job seeker & employer group rate has been increased upto 30%"